Hawaii Pineapple Company – Big Island Farms

Hawaii Pineapple Company - Big Island Farm

Hawaii Pineapple Company (HPC) began as a way to commercialize the Hawaiian Crown™ Sweet Gold™ Premium Pineapple. A small propagation nursery and fruit production operation was established in Alae on the Big Island, and Hawaii Pineapple Company, LLC was born.

As a local family farm, we are committed to sustainable practices and keeping pineapple a viable agribusiness in Hawaii. Our passion is to grow great tasting pineapples using “Best Practices”, while minimizing pesticide usage and emphasizing quality in every box.

Great tasting pineapples
Pineapple Slices

Although pineapple is our main crop, we also produce Apple Bananas and we have breeding programs for future plantings of Cacao and Taro. All of our varieties were chosen out of our research only after meeting high quality and taste standards set by Hawaiian Crown.

We are dedicated to delivering Premium Hawaiian products guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of both locals & visitors alike.
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