Dried Pineapple 10-pack & free chocolate dipped pineapple (Free USPS Shipping)

$77.50 $60.00

A 10-pack of our famous Dried Hawaiian Pineapple, made with absolutely no sugar, no preservatives, and no additives of any kind! It’s a healthy & natural snack made with only 1 ingredient: fresh Hawaiian pineapples. (Packed in a resealable bag so you can enjoy the taste of pure pineapple anywhere.)

Plus, get a Chocolate Dipped Dried Pineapple Wheel on us! We take our dried pineapple and dip it in 70% dark chocolate for a delicious treat. Pineapple and chocolate, a match made in heaven! (We also pack it in insulated packaging to ensure it arrives safely to you.)

This item gets FREE SHIPPING!

10 small Dried Pineapple Packages & 1 Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Wheel


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