200% Local


200% Local Hawaiian

How can you be 200% Local?

Our food is grown in Hawaii and made in Hawaii.  Our company is from Hawaii and we are from Hawaii.

Some foods claim to be local from Hawaii, but they use ingredients from other countries and are made outside of Hawaii.

What’s the difference? 

When a product is 200% local, it is made by the people of Hawaii under the high standards of the State of Hawaii and the United States of America. For example, if you purchase chocolate from another source, you cannot be sure that it is not harvested using child labor or unsafe chemicals.  Additionally, lab tests have found that our chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa butter and anti-oxidants.

Our apple bananas will amaze you. They have a flavor that most people have never tasted in a banana. The reason is that our bananas are grown in Hawaii.  Try our dried bananas and see for yourself.

In our state-of-the-art food processing facility we employ kama’aina (local) people who ensure that the food we create is safe and to the high standards that are expected by Hawaiian Crown’s loyal customers.  That is just part of being 200% Local.

Hawaiian Crown has the experience to grow and produce food from Hawaii with a fresh taste that can’t be had elsewhere.  Smithsonian magazine wrote:

Dissatisfied with the taste of fresh, industrially-produced pineapple, the husband and wife team of Craig and Lisa Bowden developed their own variety that evoked the flavors of fruit they enjoyed in their youth. Together, they founded Hawaiian Crown, an independently-owned company in Honolulu. Though just a 20-person operation, Hawaiian Crown has not only carved out a niche for itself in the local farmer’s markets, but is finding distribution in grocery stores.

Why else should you buy 200% Local Hawaiian Crown Products?

It is better for the environment. We do not use harmful chemicals in farming or in preparation. We care about Hawaii and keeping our islands beautiful and safe.

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