Aloha Friends & Valued Customers,

For the past decades, our ohana has enjoyed growing high quality, low-acid pineapple and shipping a taste of Hawaii to our mainland friends and customers. However, we regret to inform everyone that the Hawaiian Crown farming operation on Oahu is shutting down. We have decided as a family to shift away from the day-to-day farming, but we will still continue our pineapple breeding program on our Big Island farm in Hilo, Hawaii. Therefore, the last day to order fresh pineapple for shipping will be on Monday, April 5th, and the last fresh pineapple will be shipped on April 7th.
All other Hawaiian Crown products (coffee, macadamia nuts, dried fruit, honey, jams, etc.) will still be available on our website after April 5th – just not fresh pineapples.
Over the past several years we have established a pineapple nursery project in Costa Rica. By doing this, we hope that one day people everywhere will be able to enjoy our Sweet Gold pineapple variety that our valued customers have enjoyed all these years, as well as other varieties we are currently working on. 

It saddens us to have to shut down the Oahu farm, but as we get older, we are trying to scale back and refocus our time for our other ongoing family business operations in Hawaii, California and Costa Rica. We also want to focus on developing partnerships with others to grow and distribute our sweeter low acid pineapple varieties, such as our Sweet Gold pineapple. 

We just want to say a huge mahalo to all of you who have supported us for so many years! We sincerely love and appreciate all of you!

While we are scaling back, Hawaiian Crown is definitely not gone or closing, so for news about Hawaiian Crown or our pineapple variety Sweet Gold, make sure to keep checking our website and Instagram @hawaiiancrown for the most up to date news.

Mahalo nui loa,

– The Hawaiian Crown Ohana

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