Hawaiian Crown Apple Bananas

Apple Banana bunch

Hawaiian Crown™ Apple Bananas are sweet with a rich, slightly tangy banana flavor that is far different from the bland sweetness typical of the Cavendish or Williams Hybrid varieties. The flesh of the apple banana is firmer and creamier where the other varieties tend to be soft and starchy. The fruit size tends to be smaller and makes a perfect sized natural snack for kids as well as adults.

Our Hawaiian Crown™ selection is derived from a dwarf Brazilian variety that is believed to have been introduced to Hawaii in 1855 from Tahiti.

The high quality and sweet flavor of Hawaiian Crown™ Apple Bananas are a result of the combination of rich volcanic soil and ideal climate. Our growing locations are carefully chosen because of the optimum conditions and clean disease-free environment, which allows us to produce premium fruit using far less chemicals.

We pick our bananas fully mature so they can ripen properly and more evenly, with far better flavor. So look for the Hawaiian Crown™ label to know that you are getting the very best!

Order Apple Bananas

If you are in Hawaii, you can purchase fresh apple bananas at each of our Hawaiian Crown Plantation locations.

Our dried apple banana / dried pineapple snacks are a delicious way to get a taste of Hawaii shipped to your home.

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