Picking the right brand is the key to picking the best pineapple because different companies grow very different varieties and use various growing methods that greatly affect flavor and quality. If you want to choose a ripe pineapple, make sure  it is mature “well developed” with rounded shoulders and developed “eyes” that have filled out (flat and not too pointy). The fruit shell should be bright yellow/gold color and can have some green coloring, but the shell should not be all green or brown and dried out. The crown (top) can range in color from green to reddish-green in color and should also have fresh looking appearance. Pineapples may look tough, but they can easily be bruised when not handled properly.

Pick up the pineapples and make sure they are not bruised, leaking, spongy, mushy, or decaying. And do the sniff test: Smell the stem end. You’re looking for a sweet, fresh pineapple smell. Skip pineapples with fermented or soured odors.

Choose a ripe pineapple

If you are in Hawaii, you can stop by one of our cafe’s to pick up fresh pineapples. You will not have to worry that you won’t choose a ripe pineapple because we only sell ripe pineapples.

Our shipped fresh pineapples are always ripe because we pick them at the right time to ensure that they are delivered to you at their peak.

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