Ohi’a Lehua Honey


Organic Ohi’a Lehua flower honey, raw, straight from the hive in a 2 oz jar.


Product Description

This organic Hawaiian honey from the Big Island comes from the nectar of the Ohi’a Lehua flower, a native Hawaiian flower that grows over old lava. The Ohi’a Lehua is the official flower of the Big Island of Hawaii, making this honey truly a taste of the Island of Hawaii. With a delicate, smooth, and buttery taste, this is a classic Hawaiian honey.

The Ohi’a Lehua flower gets its name from the famous the Hawaiian legend, which tells the story of two faithful lovers: Ohi’a and Lehua. The handsome warrior Ohi’a caught the attention of Pele, the volcano goddess, but he had already pledged his love to Lehua, the most beautiful girl on the island. When Ohi’a refused Pele, she became furious and cursed Ohi’a, turning him into a twisted tree. This left Lehua heartbroken, and since the curse could not be reversed, the gods eventually took pity on her, turning her into a beautiful red flower and placing her on the tree so that the two lovers would never be apart again. This is why Hawaiian legend says to never pluck a lehua blossom, because when a flower is plucked from the tree, rain falls like tears since Lehua still cannot bear to be separated from her beloved husband Ohia.

Ohi’a Lehua Honey is found only in Hawaii and its delicate and distinct flavor makes it perfect for tea drinkers, because it compliments but doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the tea, as well as a lovely addition swirled into to yogurt, or topping for any acai or smoothie bowl.

Additional Information

Weight .281 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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