You can't ripen pineappleThis is a very important question.

No. You cannot ripen pineapple. – Once pineapples are harvested they do not continue to increase the sugar content internally but the shell color will turn more yellow or golden.

This is why Hawaiian Crown Sweet Gold Pineapples are so superior to others. Other pineapples are harvested when the corporation schedules farmers to go to the field. Then they are shipped by boat and truck arriving at your supermarket weeks later. Hawaiian Crown pineapples are individually hand-picked when they are fully ripened and shipped by air.

Bruised Pineapples

If a fruit is bruised or damaged, do not leave out of the refrigerator. Peel and cut the pineapple immediately, throwing the damaged spots away and refrigerate the good parts of the fruit. Bruised or damaged fruit will begin to sour or decay if left out of the refrigerator and can ruin the entire fruit if left unchecked.

Do not expect to ripen pineapple and do not leave bruised pineapples out. Most importantly buy your pineapples from Hawaiian Crown.

For more answers to your pineapple questions visit Hawaiian Crown FAQs

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