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Hawaiian Crown Plantation & Chocolate Factory – Hilo

Stop by for the best chocolate that you will ever have in your life.

About Hawaiian Crown

We are a group of locally owned, family farms located within special microclimates on Oahu and the Big Island. Growing perfect produce starts with the right variety, ideal climate, rich volcanic soil, sparkling clean water and golden Hawaiian sunshine. Add a little knowledge and a lot of hard work, and you can taste the results in all that we grow.

Hawaii Pineapple little girl

Why We are Different

The Hawaiian Crown brand began as a vision to produce premium pineapple and other specialty crops in the State of Hawaii. Picked at the peak of perfection, our goal is to allow the consumer to experience the true flavor of field ripe fruit.

What makes us unique are the special varieties we cultivate, our growing practices, and the Sweet Gold Logo harvesting methods that we employ. All Hawaiian Crown products are grown here in Hawaii on small family farms, where we are dedicated to excellence rather than volume.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I am in love with their Dried Pineapples … it’s like eating golden sunshine! They have a semi-soft chewiness texture and it’s amazingly sweet. I could (and did) eat a whole bag in one sitting! #noshame.”

Rosie C.

“A big fan of healthy fresh food, you will find delicious tasting freshly daily made juices there. Those pineapples they grow, have the exact amount of sweetness and sourness.. So yummy! The staff is amiable and helpful 😀  Stop by if you walk by, you will not be disappointed. Aloha!”

Ruka S.

“I stepped in to grab a pack of dried pineapple so I could take the sweetness of the Hawaiian pineapple home with me. They did not disappoint. I should have bought more because I ate them up in one sitting :(”

Janel P.

“I am now a BIG FAN of their ACAI BOWLS.  If  you’re walking around Waikiki and want some refreshing, try their Acai Bowls.”

Christle S.

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